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The Flying Painter

The Flying Painter

The Flying Painter is a family-owned and operated business based in Bunbury, offering exceptional residential and commercial painting services throughout the South West, Peel Region, Great Southern and Wheatbelt.

Our friendly and experienced team provide professional painting solutions and are knowledgeable on various colour schemes and finishes to bring your home or business to life. Highly skilled at both interior and exterior painting in Bunbury and across the entire region, The Flying Painter will transform your property from the inside out.

We use the highest quality paints, materials and advanced techniques in brush, roller and spray painting to deliver the best results, every time.

You can be rest assured our 25+ years of experience and professionalism will deliver exactly what you need.

B-Complete by Banana Feeds Australia


Banana Feeds Australia has developed ‘B-Complete, Nature’s Green Banana Supplement’.

100% Australian owned, 100% Australian made, and a family business, Banana Feeds Australia has made waves within the equine supplement market in a truly short time. A 100% natural supplement focused on Equine Gut Health and overall well-being.

Owners and trainers have been excited to share their results from across Australia in both Thoroughbred and Harness racing. It is not only for racing however, but also for disciplines including Dressage, Show, Endurance, Jumping, Barrel Racing, and hardworking stock horses.

Improved gut health is the primary benefit, leading to an improved overall temperament. Emphasis on digestibility improvements, better feed utilisation, and improved stools during travel and stressful events. A reduction in oxidative stress, reducing the environment for ulceration, and other stress related health issues.

Coat health is the obvious external indication of improved internal well-being, and trainers have reported that the shine and dapples that come from B-COMPLETE is like nothing they have seen before.

The natural prevalence of calming agents located in the skin of the banana, such as dopamine and serotonin, act to help the animal remain calm and settled in all environments.

Its’ a patent protected product, consisting of whole dried green bananas, including the skin, the pulp, the stem and the flower ends, and nothing else! 100% NATURAL.

B-COMPLETE has done wonders for horse owners and trainers alike, with many of Australia’s top trainers adopting it as a must have supplement, they just keep it a secret!

EQUINE GUT HEALTH -The health benefits that derive from supplementary feeding of dried green bananas are broad and include:

Green bananas have been shown to have antiulcerogenic properties.

The insoluble fibre act as pre-biotics to favour the nourishment of microflora in the gut (particularly the hindgut) to stabilise the microbiome.

This stability in the gut promotes immune competence allowing horses to counter bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic challenges whilst also improving digestion, feed utilisation and temperament.

GENERAL WELL-BEING The active compounds like dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, that are naturally present in green bananas, all act to calm the animal and promote a sense of well-being, helping to make the animal more relaxed and easier to manage.

ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY Green banana is recognised as antioxidant rich, with a wide spectrum of antioxidant compounds (phenolics, carotenoids, ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, tocopherols or Vitamin E, dopamine, flavonoids, norepinephrine) which are primarily located in the peel. All improve gut health.

All natural – 100% Australian made and owned.

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